People who suffer from unilateral hearing loss have difficulty distinguishing and understanding sounds, especially in noisy environments.


Traditional hearing aids and therapies do not always help solve the problem; however, the Contralateral Routing of Signal system (CROS) could offer a solution by allowing sounds to be captured with a microphone and redirected to the individual’s “healthy” ear, which substantially improves the ability to hear.

This redirected signal cannot be recognized from the outside, since it travels through the eyeglasses frames, thus providing the hearing aid user with the possibility to better recognize the location of sounds and consequently improve comprehension.


BiCROS: bilateral support

For those individuals with variable hearing loss in both ears, the BiCROS system can offer significant improvement, thanks to the microphones located on both sides that redirect the acoustic signals to the better ear.



Hearing with a ”click”

Another advantage of these hearing wires is the flexibility that its “click” system offers by allowing a quick and easy mounting onto the user’s own frames, which is an attractive solution to hearing loss.

Simply bring the frames of your choice to your trusted hearing center, so that the technician can make sure that the frames meet the necessary technical requirements for the installation of the systems developed by la Belle Bruckhoff.


Hearing Eyeglasses la Belle BC

Individual and Elegant

The bone conduction hearing system la Belle BC is the individual and elegant solution to reduce or even reverse conductive hearing loss.

Discreet and Clever

La belle BC is the combination of eyeglasses and hearing aids. Not just any eyeglasses, but rather your own glasses. Your hearing specialist will conduct a test to see if your eyeglasses meet the necessary technical requirements. Discreetly integrated and beautifully finished, the new benefit of your eyeglasses is hardly noticeable, although it is audible. Since you are familiar with the position of the eyeglasses on your head, the device is quickly forgotten.

Exclusive and Comfortable

It offers a unique product that leads the way in the market of current bone conduction due to its exclusivity, individuality, and comfort.

System Variants of our Hearing Eyeglasses

You will be able to choose between two la belle BC-systems:

  • Comfot
  • Premium

Both systems are quality products and provide the best comfort. The premium class offers more technology for adaptive directional microphone hearing.

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