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Oticon Agil Pro helps you intuitively make sense of your surroundings and focus on what you choose by supporting your natural ability to organize sounds. It achieves this through three concepts that combine to offer an unparalleled experience: improved conversation with less effort. You could call it the ability to easily make sense of what is going on around you. We call it the energy of understanding.

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Spatial Sound 2.0 opens up a new dimension to conversation

Being able to actively partake in conversation with less effort is possible due to a breakthrough concept we call Spatial Sound 2.0 which is based on revolutionary features found in Oticon Agil Pro. Spatial Sound 2.0 helps you organize sounds, know where they come from and make sense of your surroundings. You will also be able to select the person or sound source you want to listen to, as well as ignore those you don’t.

Speech Guard simplifies complex environments

Speech Guard dramatically improves your ability to follow conversations in complex environments. A person’s voice is as individual as the person himself and Speech Guard preserves many of the subtle characteristics such as the particular pitch and tone or the way syllables are stressed. This means that, even when there are many sounds in the background, Oticon Agil hearing aids will make it easier for you to select and follow the voice you wish, and even to switch attention from one person to another. Speech Guard also softens sudden noises, like the slamming of a car door or someone chopping vegetables.

Connect[+] takes sound streaming to a new level

Oticon ConnectLine delivers sound directly to your ears from your TV, landline and mobile phones, and audio devices such as music players and personal computers. This is possible due to the wireless features in Oticon Agil and the user-friendly Oticon Streamer that allows you to discreetly take control of modern life communication devices.

Unique to Oticon Agil is the very high sound quality of Oticon ConnectLine. Harmonics and authenticity is taken to a whole new level with Connect[+] which is only available with Oticon Agil. Whenever you are, for instance, listening to music or watching a movie with Connect[+], you will experience excellent sound quality in an extraordinarily natural and deep way, and with great spatial fidelity.



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